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Are you planning to move into your newly built dream home? Or are you looking for a reliable moving service? Handy Dandy Moving Service is the company you can count on. When it comes to local or commercial mover in D’iberville, MS  we are the experts who can handle the secure moving of your furniture, art collectibles, medical equipment, relics, and other bulky items. Consider our services now, and we will give you quality results! Here are some of our advantages and why you should choose us!

  • Advantages of Hiring a Moving Service

When you want to save your time in moving, we will not leave you packing your things alone. We are knowledgeable with the routes in D’iberville, MS to safely dispatch and transport your belongings. Additionally, we are experience enough in loading or unloading your properties to keep them safe and give you peace of mind.

  • How We Undergo Our Service?

Handy Dandy Moving Service is a company of moving experts who are trained to pack efficiently and quickly. We provide the right equipment to use for your belongings to ensure safety and security. We also work professionally to give you the right impression of our moving or delivering service performance.

  • Why Choose Us?

With over 10 years in the field of moving service, our local moving  service becomes the top-rated option for Local Movers in D’iberville, MS. We can help you with your moving plan. Plus, we are a team of well-prepared and on-the-go moving experts who will exceed your expectations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

When in need of a moving service, A Plus Delivery & Moving is the expert to call, especially when  handling fragile and important things. Many of our clients in D’iberville, MS are awed with our services, and we are proud to give you the same experience. Hiring us for your moving plan is the right decision you can make to secure your possessions. If you have questions about our services, feel free to call and ask us now (888) 936-6832 and we will answer your questions and assist you during your convenient time.

Handy Dandy Moving Service | D'iberville MS

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The three guys were hired to load/unload a 3 bedroom house. They were professional, efficient, and very hard working. They worked straight thru at each location without a break! They were careful with my belongings which I appreciated. I really believe i certainly got my money's worth & more from this company. Oh and the move was set up less than 48 hours in advance!! No problem for them. Thank you Handy Dandy!! I'll be recommending you to my friends!! D'iberville MS
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