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As your #1 Local Movers in Mobile AL, we strive for excellence to implement that Excellence the first thing we do is give great customer service starting from the time you call our office to the time that our movers leave.  Starting with the phone call when we do a thorough walkthrough on the phone by walking you through room by room to see precisely what you have we do offer in-home estimates as well but for your convenience and time purposes, we’re just as accurate on the phone as well.Handy dandy Moving Service offers a variety of options to make sure your moving needs are taken care of so below are few different services that we offer in your local Mobile AL & Mobile County Area.

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Labor Only: 

meaning we can do anything from loading a truck unloading a truck or loading and unloading all on the same day, keep in mind with this option you are providing the truck yourself and we’re just providing the labor.this option is offered Because it usually ends up being a little more cost-effective for you the customer. this is also the most popular Option so definitely keep this option in mind do your research check some local truck rental prices see what the cost is and if it makes economic sense,  will be more than happy to provide the labor for your move.



Full-Service Moves:

this is basically when we come in and do everything from packing, wrapping, loading unloading, unpacking and unwrapping. This is basically the full Shebang we come in pack everything wrap everything to make sure everything’s properly padded and also make sure all of your belongings are transported safely.  When you get a full-service move through Handy Dandy Moving Service you get our full service protection guarantee this is  basically our insurance policy   guaranteeing that your items will be moved safely and still be intact when they get to your new home, if something was to get damaged by chance your items will be covered under our full-service protection policy.

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Packing and Wrapping:

with this option, we come in and simply pack and wrap all your items, so that means packing all of your miscellaneous items in boxes and wrapping all of your furniture with proper materials. So you might ask to be a little more detail what exactly does wrapping entail?   So for example If you have a dresser instead of just putting blankets on your dresser what we would do is get some paper pads shrink wrap the paper pads on their  properly, if there are any Corners that need to be covered  we will custom cut out box Corners to cover those corners and then put  the proper amount of blankets on your dresser and shrink wrap that on to it as well. As for packing  it’s pretty much straight Forward anything that needs to go into a box, for example, You’re clothes those will go into wardrobe boxes your dishes will go into standard boxes utensils or any miscellaneous items that can’t be moved by themselves but need to be in a  confined  space like a box, this is the perfect service for that.

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Standard moves:

This is the second Most common move That we offer. with this service we bring two guys with a truck you also get 2 dozen Furniture pads we load up your items cover them with pads, transport and unload them into your new home. This service is pretty simple, straightforward and most importantly your items are moved safely.


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