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Local & Long Distance Moving Services in Orlando FL

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Home to Disney World, SeaWorld and Orlando Studios, Orlando was ranked as the most visited American city by Forbes Magazine. Here are some things Orlando Movers of Handy Dandy recommends to consider when moving to the Moving Labor | Sacramento CA


fifth largest city in Florida:

Neighborhoods: With over 115 diverse and unique communities, Orlando offers the perfect new home for all new residents. Lake Eola Heights is home to young families and the newly married. Young professionals and artists can be found in the near-downtown neighborhood of Winter Park. Affluent residents often call Windermere home. Whether you decide on downtown or along the checkerboard outline of city proper, Orlando Movers of Handy Dandy Moving Service can help get you to your new Orlando home.

Housing: With an influx of residents in summer, vacation homes and condos are abundant in Orlando. For full-time residents, high-rise condominiums with full amenities are easy to rent or buy in the downtown neighborhoods. Historic bungalows can be found along Church Street in the “Old Orlando” district. Radiating from the city-center, single-family homes and duplexes are in high supply.

Attractions: With multiple theme parks, families with young (or young-at-heart) children will find plenty of roller coasters to fill Orlando’s perpetual summer days. Art lovers will be happy to find City Arts Factory and the more classical Orlando Museum of Art. Sports lovers can root for the Orlando Magic, while several major league baseball teams call Orlando home during spring training. Composed of large acreage of swampland, Orlando offers outdoor-seekers rides in airboats through the swamp, zip-lining through the trees or the multitude of activities available on one of the area’s hundreds of lakes.
Orlando Movers of Handy Dandy Moving Service
Orlando Movers has been helping families move to Orlando, FL and other cities in the U.S. for over 10 years.

Whether yours is a long distance, local, residential or commercial move, Handy Dandy Moving Service

can help make it a successful one.

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Our Florida Residential Moving Services area include:
Full loading, transportation, and unloading
Blanket padding of all furniture
Free visual or online estimates
Basic mover’s liability protection
Timely, professional, and efficient crew
No additional charge for appliances, or walk-ups up to 3 stories
No additional charge for disassembling and reassembling furniture
Online reservation service


Why Choose Us?
When you’re moving, you want your possessions to reach the destination on time and in one piece. You expect the movers to take care of your items and make sure that nothing is damaged. Just because we offer record low rates doesn’t mean that we’ve compromised on quality. Our professional crew would still be very careful with your possessions.

We offer:
Everything from packing and loading to unloading at your new home or office.
Protective padding for all your furniture and other such items that we transport.
Honest estimates with no unpleasant surprises in the bill after the move.
Basic mover’s liability insurance.
Professional and efficient crew.
Helpful moving consultants.
Prompt services.

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