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At some point, we all relocate from one place to another. This change of apartments/home can be an exciting and new chapter in your life, but the movement of household items can prove quite a challenge. This kind of move requires experts to make sure that everything is transported safely and to the destination where it’s required. At Handy Dandy Moving , we understand the work and technicalities involved in this process, and we bring you closer to a affordable apartment move.

Handy Dandy Moving Service has years  of  experience moving  apartments, We  specialize in local apartment moving. With Handy Dandy Moving Service, you will be provided with both great apartment movers and affordable apartment moving prices.

Here are some hacks for you, when moving apartments

Find free Moving Boxes

Moving apartments is not easy and can include a lot of costs that were not anticipated. It’s, therefore, advisable to find free moving boxes instead of buying them. Clothing and grocery stores can be good options for this.

Pack Clothes on Hangers

Removing clothes from hangers, folding and unfolding later to hang again can be quite demanding in terms of effort and time. To save on both, you can just zip-tie the hangers together and wrap them in a plastic bag.



Arranging your new apartment has never been easy. You, therefore, might need considering color coding the packing boxes, so that when you look at a particular box, you immediately know to which room it belongs.

Carefully Pack Fragile items

Moving apartments involves carrying several things together. This increases the risk of breaking some fragile items like glasses, plates or even artwork. Breakage should be avoided at all costs, and you should, therefore, pack your stuff well. You can also take a large marker and write the words ‘Fragile’ on the boxes. Call Handy Dandy Moving Service for your local apartment moving needs.

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“I used this Handy Dandy Moving Service to move on two different occasions. I found a great moving company that did a wonderful job. I was very happy with the service and the moving quotes I received.”Coby Thomas, Sacramento, CA
“My move from New Jersey to California went beautifully on the June 22. My first mover did not show up. A friend recommended Handy Dandy Moving Service and this company  was able to do my job that day.”Bob Thomson, Biloxi, MS
“All my furniture was well taken care of, everything wrapped and packed safely. From the moment I completed the quote form until the moment they completed my move, everything went smoothly. I’m very happy.”Kimberly Rhodes, Freetown MA