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College Movers



Loading Only

Moving out? Handy Dandy Moving will move everything out of your place and into your moving truck, trailer, POD, etc. Whatever your situation, you can count on Handy Dandy Moving Service to do the hard work for you.

95/hour (Two HD-Movers) 2HR Minimum


Unloading Only

Moving in? Handy Dandy Moving will move everything out of your truck, trailer, POD, etc. and into your residence or storage facility.

95/hour (Two HD-Movers) 2HR Minimum


LOCAL ‘A’ to ‘B’ Move

Moving from one place to another locally? Whether you’ve arranged for a moving truck or you need us to provide one, Handy Dandy Moving will make sure your transition across town is effortless *Local moves only

Labor only 95/hour (Two HD-Movers) 2HR Minimum
Need a Truck? flat $185,0-20 mile radius + 95/hr


On-Site Dorm Move-In

Campus Move-in can be a nightmare. Have to Handy Dandy crew members meet you at the curb to unload your vehicle[s], move everything up to your new room, and get you nice and situated! *Applies to one students belongings

95/hour (Two HD-Movers) 2HR Minimum