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Loading Help | Mobile AL | 2 Guys 4hrs $250

There are so many different ways to move now that it’s hard to know which moving company is the best option for you and your family. That’s why Handy Dandy Moving Service is here to make your move to Mobile, Alabama a simple and easy going moving experience.

Here are some of the examples of the services that we offer when moving to or from Mobile, Alabama:

Moving services we provide in Mobile, Alabama

Unloading Help: After a long day of moving, getting professional movers to help unload your rental truck or portable storage container makes moving that much easier. Our moving company will help get your household items into your new house as quickly and safely as possible.

Loading Help: Having movers load your rental truck or loading a portable storage container such as PODS can greatly improve the time it takes you to move to or from Mobile, Alabama. By getting professional Mobile, Alabama moving labor for loading help, we can help maximize the cubic space in your truck or portable storage container. Not only that but hiring professional movers to help the loading process will make sure your stuff arrives safely.

Packing Help: Hiring a moving company to help pack your belongings in Mobile, Alabama can be tricky. That’s why we take the hassle out of packing up your house. No matter if it is just packing the kitchen or packing up the whole house, our movers offer the best packing help in Mobile, Alabama.

What do you get with the trusted moving labor companies in Mobile, Alabama?

Insured moving labor help in Mobile, Alabama: Our movers are exactly that, professional movers. They all have been trained in the proper procedures of making your move easy and carefree. Our moving companies carry all of the necessary insurances such as general liability and workers compensation insurance. What that means is that if our movers get hurt you’re not liable.

Did you know that if your movers don’t carry workers compensation insurance that you could be sued if they are injured on site?

Last minute Mobile, Alabama movers

Moving is unpredictable sometimes, that’s why here at Handy Dandy Moving Service of Mobile our moving company  has many crews that are available for last minute moving situations.

Proper Movers Equipment

All of our Mobile, Alabama movers have professional moving dollies, shrink wrap, tools to help take apart furniture and put the furniture back together.

Certified AMLPA Mobile, Alabama movers

Our Mobile, Alabama location is a  proud member of the AMLPA. At Handy Dandy Moving Service, we  are dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality help moving while abiding by the standards outlined by our AMLPA membership. These standards include state licensing, business stability, standard service rates, good standing with the business bureau, general liability insurance, and employing clean & professional Mobile, Alabama moving labor associates.

Affordable Mobile, Alabama moving labor help with no hidden fees – Our Mobile, Alabama movers provide all the expertise you would get from a full-service moving company at a fraction of the cost. There are no extra charges for long carries, stairs, elevators, or weekend moves.

We also don’t charge for gas or double drive time!

Our estimates are the actual pricing, no hidden charges no fine print. The end result is servicing our customers with high quality moving by providing proficient, high quality Mobile, Alabama Moving Labor professionals.


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