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Full-Service Packing

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An unsuccessful packing job will lead to an unsuccessful move. Proper packing paper, padding and boxing procedures are vital to protecting your belongings.

Handy Dandy Moving offers a full range of packing and unpacking services. Trained, professional packers are able to help you with as much or as little of the packing and unpacking as you need. We also sell moving boxes and packing supplies.

Packing tips

Packing for yourself can be a great way to economize your move. To help you pack as safely and efficiently as possible, Handy Dandy Moving Service has compiled tips to make your packing experience easier.

Do not over-pack moving boxes — the heavier the item, the smaller the moving box.

Start packing the items you don’t need as soon as you know you’re moving.

Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same moving boxes.

Put detailed labels on tops and sides of all moving boxes.

Do not interlock moving box tops. They must always be sealed with packing tape.

Pack a few boxes of items you will need immediately at your new home and make sure it is loaded last on the truck so the contents will be immediately available at your new home.

To minimize the chance of breakage, pack and unpack over a padded surface so that if you do drop an item, it will land on a cushioned surface.

Lampshades and fine china should not be packed in newspaper because the ink can permanently stain these items. Instead, use packing paper.

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