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Government Movers


We bring secure, dependable relocation to the public sector. When you are making a government move, especially with the armed forces, trust goes a long way. With Atlas, you get experience Uncle Sam has trusted since 2010. We’re proud of our long tradition of service as a government move provider to our country. This includes work for the GSA (General Services Administration) and military personnel. Handy Dandy Moving Service also provides flexible options for government personnel who self-move. Handy Dandy Moving safely relocates over 4,000 military families each year.

Government Moving Process

All Government relocations are managed through our four phase move process. Throughout each phase, the relationship with your dedicated Handy Dandy Moving Specialist allows for excellent communications and access to the information you need right when you need it. Through years of partnering with many clients for corporate and government agencies, we have refined the move process into these key phases. Our government move process is recognized throughout the industry as the best customer service program available.

Phase 1: Initiation

Once a government employee is authorized to move, initiate the move with Handy Dandy Moving. Call your dedicated Moving Specialist and within minutes the Handy Dandy Moving process begins. A Moving Specialist, your single point-of-contact, will make an introductory call to your employee and give a detailed overview of the moving process. All contact numbers and e-mail addresses are given at this time, including a home or cell number to provide 24/7 access to your Moving Specialist.

Phase 2: Pre-Move Preparation

During this phase the Moving Specialist will confirm the employee’s contact information and schedule an on-site pre-move survey. An introductory packet is sent to you including helpful moving information and tips as well as destination city information if requested. Once the survey results have been received, the moving specialist will call to develop a move plan and confirm pack and load dates, third party services, if needed, and delivery dates. The Moving specialist will also follow-up 24 hours prior to the scheduled pack day to relay the crew’s expected arrival time.

Phase 3: Critical Move

The Moving Specialist will make a “pack call” on each pack day and a “load call” on moving day to offer assistance, answer additional questions and ensure that everything is proceeding as planned. Once the load call is completed, delivery address and destination telephone contact numbers are confirmed. The shipment will be closely monitored from the day of loading to the day of delivery to ensure our compliance with all agreed upon dates and commitments.

Phase 4: Post-Delivery

During the last phase of the move, a delivery call is made to confirm that the crew is there and to follow-up with any additional questions you may have. During this call, the post-move survey process is reviewed and if a claim exists, our claim process is explained in greater detail if necessary.

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