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Military Movers

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Stateside and Overseas Military Moving Services

It’s typical for members of the military to have to move often, and sometimes, with very little notice. At Handy Dandy Moving we understand the challenges of the military life, as well as the sacrifices and courage it takes to step into service for one’s country. This is why we are proud to offer a discount to active duty military personnel when making a household move.

Our experience moving household goods for members of the armed forces goes back more than 15 years. We maintain locations in every major city in the U.S. and have terminals and routes that regularly run through cities with military bases, whether it be the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. We also deliver outside of the continental U.S., so if you need help relocating to Alaska, Hawaii–or even overseas–we can handle the job with the same expert level of care and service we provide to all of our customers.

The goal for us is to make your transition as easy and seamless and possible. We approach this task in a variety of ways that are particular to each request. One way we accomplish this is by offering a straightforward and simple pricing plan that allows us to offer some of the cheapest rates in the industry. There’s no hidden fees or surprise costs, just the same great service at a price that makes sense. Read our customer testimonials to see what other service members thought of our service.

DITY Military Move

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Personally Procured Move Program

Although more involved, opting to move yourself through the military PPM can make you money. By completing your move for less than the Government Constructed Cost (GCC) you may be eligible to receive a payment for the difference. If you have never completed a PPM move or haven’t done it in a while you may have questions or need assistance. We’re here to help make the PPM process easy and affordable.

Step 1: Visit TMO/JJPSO
If you’re interested in a DITY move you should visit your Traffic Management Office (TMO) or Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (JPPSO). These folks can tell you everything you need to know regarding your reimbursable compensation, weight limit, paperwork requirements and procedures. Understanding your moving budget is an important part of determining what services you have available for your DITY move.

Step 2: Transportation
While each step is important we would argue that the most important is identifying your transportation method. There are three common methods of transporting household goods for a self service move: Truck rental, portable storage and freight. Each transportation type has a long list of pro’s and con’s that will need to be evaluated so you find the right solution for your needs. You can review a complete pro/con list for each relocation type in our long distance moving section.

Step 3: Load & Unload Help
Now that you have selected your transportation method it’s time to think about loading and unloading it. Depending on your situation you may opt to do it yourself, “hire” your friends and family or hire a moving labor company. It’s a safe bet that moving your household items yourself or with the help of friends is the cheapest option but certainly is not always the right one. We’ve outlined some of the most common reasons people choose to hire us instead of trying to do it themselves.

Friends and family probably don’t want to help you move, it’s just not fun. On moving day many people find that the excuses start rolling in and few people (if any) actually show up. If reliability on moving day is important to you then hire us, we never make excuses and always get the job done.
Do you have heavy or awkward furniture? We have the experience to move most pieces efficiently and without damaging them.

Loading the truck isn’t just about being able to move the furniture, it’s also about packing it correctly. This means stabilizing the load, balancing the weight and making use of the space available. We know how to load trucks, trailers and containers – it’s what we do!
If you’re confident in your ability to load the truck will you have help to unload at your new duty station? Our service is nationwide and available at most military installations.

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