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No Worries… your moving company is Handy Dandy Moving Service.

With Handy Dandy’s full service movers and packers, you’ll get professionals focused on every aspect of your move. Unlike many relocation moving companies that may hand you off to other providers, Handy Dandy takes a “hands-on” approach. We bring our own people, equipment and know-how. “Full-service movers and packers” means simply this:

Handy Dandy Moving is responsible for every aspect of your relocation. Your quality service begins the minute you call; and it lasts from the time we pack and load your belongings until every item is delivered, unpacked and placed where you want it.

Handy Dandy Full Service Movers and Packers Are a Dedicated Team. We offer experienced professionals that make your relocation stress-free.

Our friendly Handy Dandy Moving Service Representative handle all the detailed components of your moving checklist. They estimate moving expenses, provide advice, and answer questions. They also coordinate your packing dates with the company crew. They schedule your preferred pickup and delivery dates as well as provide a vital communication link to Handy Dandy and the other members of your full-service movers and packers team.

Company Operations System
The Handy Dandy Moving Operation System is like a ship’s captain. Our system requires every company representative to take commands and accept responsibility. We know how to handle your possessions safely, how to load them securely, and how to supervise our crews. Among relocation moving companies, Handy Dandy Moving stands out for its dedicated, experienced operators. Handy Dandy Moving crew members, including movers and packers, bring strength and skilled hands with a sense of caring for your property. We work carefully to pack and prepare your belongings for safe transport. Our extensive knowledge of the proper packing of all types of household items — large and small, fragile and durable, delicate electronics and priceless heirlooms — ensures their successful transport. At your new home, we are equally skilled at the careful unpacking of your belongings with the same results. Your Handy Dandy Moving system knows how to move and truly exemplifies the idea of “full service movers and packers”.


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