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Packing tips and tricks for an easy move

When it comes down to it, packing is by far the worst bit of a home removal, so you will need to know all of the hints that you can get when it comes down to the business of packing. There are many ways in which you can look at the packing of your home, but they will not be miracle cures for the tedious nature of the packing that needs to be done, so do not expect for the work to disappear! Having a decent mindset, and being relaxed about it is exactly what you need however, so ensuring that you keep a level head, and that you do not get panicked is essential!
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As mentioned before, being relaxed is essential to the packing process, and you will not be able to be calm about it all unless you have a lot of time in which to get everything done. In many ways, there is a lot to be said for starting a lot earlier than you usually would think to. Getting started with the planning and packing as soon as you know when you are going to be moving simply means that there will be a lot less to do later on! You will find that a great plan will also be essential, as otherwise the packing process will merely be a random series of events that can cause trouble down the line when you find you have packed up stuff that you need! So, in planning, work out a careful route of packing around the house, which includes getting rid of junk and clutter and purchasing packing essentials like boxes, tape, bubble wrap
and tissue paper. Ensure that you get enough of these, as running out half way through the packing process will put a massive spanner in the works! So, your plan should ensure that you only pack up the things that you use every day towards the end of the process, to ensure that there are no problems with your day to day life, because you are being so efficient!
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Try to reduce the amount of packing you do every day to a minimum, as the process is so tedious that you will often end up doing a sloppy job if you spend too long doing it at any one time. In reality, you don’t want to be doing more than two hours at a time, as this will be the limit of your concentration in most instances. If you have started early and planned well then hopefully you can reduce the amount of work that you have to do every day to around two hours anyway, which means that the move will not get in the way of your daily life, and reduce stress in general.

Packing methods should be thought about logically; try not to use too much bubble wrap, as it is terrible for the environment, and it also takes up loads of room in the boxes. Protecting precious things is important, but use bubble wrap sparingly and you should be fine. Tissue and newsprint are great substitutes that can be recycled and are a lot cheaper as well! When packing boxes, label them extremely carefully so that you are able to find things quickly should you need them, and also so that the movers know exactly which rooms they should go in. Don’t skimp on fragile signs and arrows to show which way up things go, as these can save you a lot of broken valuables!

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