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Packing for your domestic move

Packing for your domestic move 1

Of all of the intensive and stressful things that moving ho use entails, packing is the main one. You will likely have a removals company round to do the lifting and shifting on the day, and that element would be the main contender for the worst part of moving house, but alas, the packing is usually down to the home owner, and for this reason, it is the most feared part of it all. But why so? Surely putting things in boxes is not too hard? Well, there is no real difficulty involved, simply the horrendous tedium of repeating a boring task over and over again that will ensure that anyone getting involved is likely to have a nervous breakdown! There a few ways in which you can approach the packing that will ensure that you do not meet such a fate however, it just takes a little common sense.

First off – Delegate! if you have a family, you can get them to pack up their own rooms! Do not feel like you have to do everything on your own, as the move will be for everyone’s benefit, rather than just your own. Having the kids do their toys and your other half chip in with the work will mean less of the tedium for you, and that should relieve some of the pressure. There are companies that offer a packing service, and this can work well for many, as they will be able to take that pressure off completely. Some removals companies do not offer insurance on boxes that have been packed by anyone other than themselves. You may feel like this is a scam used to sell the packing service to customers who do not want it, but it makes sense; they cannot be sure that you are any good at packing, so can’t ensure that the items within the boxes are safe from even careful movements. Looking in to how much more money the packing services would cost you as opposed to how much time and effort you would save having employed one is well worth it, as it will often turn out that it all makes a lot of sense.

Reduce the amount of time that you spend packing at any one time. Planning well can be the best way to ensure that you are not overworked or stressed by the process. You should start as early as possible with the planning, and work out how many days you think you have available to pack in. The best situation is to reduce the amount of packing that you do each day to a couple of hours after work, as this will mean that you are not stuck doing packing related things for hours on end. If you are left sorting things extensively on your own, then your boredom will turn to fatigue, and the effectiveness of what you are doing will become reduced significantly. This will result in sloppy packing and the safety of your items will become compromised.

Packing materials can be expensive, so it is well worth looking at how you can reduce the costs where you can. There is a lot to be said for using tissue paper or old newspapers rather than bubble wrap, as plastic based packing materials are pricey! Used boxes, or even second hand, but unused boxes are a great way to save a bit of cash as well, but ensure that they are still worth using, as some can get torn or lose their shape which will mean that they are not as effective.
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Packing for your domestic move 2


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