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Moving Tips For Families

Moving Tips For Families

Tips to make moving as a family fun and easy

Stay Organized!

Color code boxes so movers know which room to bring them to in advance.

Create an “Essentials” pack with a change of clothes, toothbrushes and toiletries, medications, and your child’s favorite small toys or games to make your first night easy without searching through boxes.

Keep like items together to make unpacking a breeze.

Keep important documents – birth certificates, licenses, insurance policies – in one easily accessible place.

Get Everyone Involved!

Give family members unique colored stickers or labels to identify their own boxes and make a game of packing up individual rooms.

Make children feel secure about moving by making a special focus on safely moving their special possessions, such as stuffed animals and security blankets.

Plan a fun outing in your new area, ahead of time if possible, to introduce your family to the fun and happy environment you’re moving to.

Plan Ahead – Relax On Moving Day!

Work with your moving company in advance to make a clear, easy to understand plan with all the details of your move.

If possible, have a babysitter, friend or family member watch your children and pets during the move so you can focus without worrying about them too.

Pick a moving company you can trust so you can let them worry about the details instead!


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