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What is moving labor and why do you need it?


Moving Labor | Sacramento CA

Moving Labor | Sacramento CA  | www.handydandymoving.com/sacramento-ca

Moving is difficult – if you have ever moved house, you will know how true this is. Every stage and part of the moving process is difficult, each one more so than the other. And while some aspects of the relocation endeavor are emotionally difficult (leaving your comfort zone, parting with close friends, braving the unknown, etc.), others are physically difficult – packing your entire household, running back and forth on various tasks, loading and unloading the moving truck, and so on.




These laborious moving tasks not only drain your energy and your time (not to mention your motivation and excitement), but may even pose a risk to your health, your property, and your belongings – just imagine dropping a heavy piece of furniture on your feet or on the polished wooden floor. To prevent accidents and injuries when moving (and to save yourself plenty of time and effort), you need to find moving help.

Your best option is to hire full-service movers, of course – they will do all the work for you and will perform your move in the safest, fastest, and most efficient way possible. If you cannot afford their services, however, or if you prefer to have greater control over the process, you may decide to rent a moving truck and transport your belongings to your new home yourself.



Even if you’ve taken care of the transportation aspect of your relocation adventure though, your household items still need to be carried to the moving truck, loaded, and, then, unloaded upon arrival and taken into your new home.

If you have good and reliable (and physically strong!) friends who will be available at the time of your move and will be willing to come and help you, you have nothing to worry about. If not, you need to find some other kind of loading and unloading help.




This is when moving labor comes into play.

What is moving labor?
Moving labor professionals provide flexible moving services to people who plan to move themselves but need help moving furniture and other heavy household items, loading the moving truck, unloading it at the final destination, or performing some other laborious moving tasks. Some moving laborers specialize in loading and unloading services only. Others are full-service moving companies that offer labor services as well.

Moving labor services are very flexible and provide efficient solutions to every type of relocation needs – you can get as much or as little help as you’d like. You can hire moving helpers to load and unload the moving truck, pack and unpack boxes, disassemble and reassemble furniture, disconnect and reconnect appliances, etc. – whatever you need. You can even limit their services to loading heavy furniture only or taking care of a specialty item. It’s your call.




How does it work?
If you choose to pack and transport your belongings yourself, but can’t (or don’t want to) do all the heavy lifting on your own, you can hire moving labor to help you load and unload the moving truck. Your moving helpers will literally take the weight off your shoulders and provide you with all the moving assistance you need.




Once you have ensured appropriate means of transportation (rented a moving truck or a portable moving container or borrowed your friend’s pickup truck for a move across town, for example), you need to ensure moving help – research your options and choose a moving helper based on your specific packing and moving needs (see below for more detailed information and practical tips on how to get moving help).




A couple of workers (as many as you have requested) will come to your home at the pre-agreed day and time to assist you with your move. They will take your heavy household items and large moving boxes out of your home, carry them to the moving vehicle, and load them on the truck in a safe and efficient manner. Upon your request, your moving laborers will provide you with any other assistance you may need, as well.




If you’re moving locally (and if you want them to), the same team will help you unload your belongings at your final destination and take your belongings into your new home. If you’re moving long distance, you’ll have to arrange for moving helpers in your new area (if you’re working with a nationwide company, they will be able to provide moving labor at your final destination as well).




You will be charged by the hour for using moving labor services.

Benefits of hiring moving labor only
The greatest advantage of moving labor is that you can choose exactly what type of moving help to get based on your specific needs and personal preferences.




Control – You will have full control over the moving process. You won’t need to worry about movers throwing your things randomly into boxes or driving away with your possessions never to be seen again. You will be the one to tell your moving helpers what to do and how to do it and you will be the one to transport your belongings to your new home. So, there will be no risks or bad surprises – your move will be completely in your hands;




Flexibility – You will get exactly what you need. Your hired moving laborers will deliver customized moving help according to your specific relocation needs and will do only what you direct them to do;
Safety – Your items will be handled by skilled professionals who have proper equipment and rich experience in dealing with all kinds of relocation challenges. The risk of personal injuries or damage to your belongings or your property will be reduced to a minimum;



High quality at low price:
There will be no financial surprises – You’ll be paying your moving helpers by the hour (and only after the work has been done to your satisfaction), so you won’t need to worry about hidden fees or extra charges. You will know the final cost of your move from the very beginning;


You won’t lose money if you need to cancel your move – All your money is refundable (with no fee) if you cancel your order up until 24 hours before the start time of the job;


It will be much cheaper than using full-service movers.
Last but not least, you will save yourself A LOT of effort and stress – your moving helpers will do all the heavy lifting so you can sit back and relax.

Good to know: In the opposite case scenario, you may wish to pack, load, and unload your items yourself, but don’t want to drive a big rented truck across the country. In this case, self-service moving may provide the perfect solution for you.

How to find moving help
So, if you need help loading a moving truck, moving furniture, unloading your items at your new home, or performing any other specific moving task, you can hire moving labor to do the job for you:

Get quotes from several different moving labor providers and compare their rates and conditions;
Read customer reviews to find out which moving helpers in your area can be trusted and which ones you should stay away from;


Check the equipment lists and business credentials of different labor services companies;
Contact three or four moving labor providers that seem to best suit your requirements (and your available budget) and discuss your relocation needs in greater detail – check their availability at the preferred time of your move, specify the type of moving assistance you need (furniture moving help, unloading services, etc.), inform the moving laborers of any special requirements or preferences you may have (as well as of any possible obstacles or difficulties), ask them how they settle disputes and resolve damage claims (What if your moving helpers damage your property or your belongings, for example?


Do they provide any coverage? What are your insurance options?), etc.;
Choose the best moving helpers for you – licensed, trustworthy, and affordable moving labor professionals – and book their services;


When the job is done, leave a review to rate your moving laborers’ services and help other people in need of relocation assistance find reliable moving helpers.
Bonus tips when hiring moving labor:

1) Book your moving labor services in advance – at least 2 weeks prior to the date of your move – to be sure that you’ll get the moving help you need at the most convenient time for you;



2) Prepare everything necessary for your moving helpers to be able to start work as soon as they arrive at your home;




3) Provide efficient protection to your items and your property (unless you have requested these services from your chosen moving labor professionals);




4) Be sure to have your rented moving vehicle on site before your moving loaders are scheduled to begin work;





5) Do not forget to tip your moving helpers for a job well done.




Good to remember: Keep in mind that driving a large moving truck for miles on end and maneuvering it along narrow city streets is very difficult and quite risky. Your relocation will be much easier and your belongings will be much safer in the hands of professional movers (and not much more expensive, considering all the forgotten costs of moving on your own), so you may want to re-consider hiring full-service movers to take care of your entire relocation adventure.




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