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Move Managers: An Option to Help Parents Move to Senior Living

When an elderly parent moves from home, into an assisted living facility, independent living, nursing home or the home of relative, it is an emotional and stressful time. Senior move manager Mary Jo Zeller, who works for Gero Solutions, a senior move management company in the Chicago area, says a senior move is a major life event. “It’s in the same category as getting married, or having a baby. It’s another transition, a loss, a grieving process.”
Once the decision has been made that the elderly person will move out of their home, a host of challenges arises that the caregiver has to deal with. What do they bring to the new home? What do they leave behind? What happens to items that are left behind? How do they prepare for the move? And the list goes on.

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To help the family through this difficult time, senior move managers handle the details of planning and implementing the move, including:
Space planning, furniture measurement and floor plan design
Interviewing, scheduling and overseeing movers
Unpacking and setting up the new home
Cleaning of vacated property
Moving day management
Arrangement of garage/estate sales
Resource bank of realtors, movers, handymen, etc.

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