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HANDY DANDY JUNK REMOVAL PROGRAM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


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1. Provide Us With List Of Items You Need Removed


2. We Provide You With A Customized Quote


3. We Attempt to Donate As Many Of Your Items As Possible To Charities First (i.e. Salvation Army, Goodwill, Habitat,Churches)


4. If Items Are Not Accepted At Charities, They Will Be Taken To Transfer Stations Which Will Sort Your Items By Material And Send Recyclable Items To Recycle Facilities and Non-Recyclable Items to a Landfill.




Household Junk: Furniture, Appliances, Electronics, Tires, Mattress, Carpet, Hot Tubs, Decks, Sheds, Barns, Fencing, Yard Waste;


Office Junk: Electronics, Hardware (Computer Monitor, Printer, Computer)


General Junk: Paint, AC Units, Leaves, Construction Debris. HD will also sweep the area. FEES INCLUDE- Loading, Clean Up, Dump Fees.


Solid Waste- Solid waste which is not hazardous or prohibited from disposal in a lined landfill.


Class III Waste- Yard trash, construction and demolition debris, processed tires (this means cut into 8 equal pieces), carpet, cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, furniture other than appliances, or other materials not expected to pose a threat to public health or the environment.


Class III Recyclable metal materials, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, heavy metals, shingles, wood furniture, bricks, masonry (any material made out of rubble, concrete, brick or asphalt) shingles, brush limbs.




Standard Household Garbage, Liquids, & Some Special Waste: Household Garbage Food, food containers, diapers, cat litter, household chemicals, oil containers, waste materials generated from the consumption of household products, residential garbageSpecial Waste is any waste that requires special documentation, analysis, management, or that poses an additional risk to the County as compared to the normal waste stream. This waste is normally the result of commercial or industrial activity. This waste consists of materials such as asbestos, gas or diesel spill cleanup, commercial or industrial retention basin settlements, residue from chemical or industrial processes, but not including hazardous waste. Special Waste that can require special handling and management including, but not limited to; asbestos, used oil, lead-acid batteries, construction and demolition debris, ash residue, yard trash, biological waste, and mercury-containing devices and lamps.



Handy Dandy Moving is a company who initially began by catering to the moving needs of senior citizens.
After the buzz was created, Handy Dandy Moving became in demand to people of all ages.
Established in 2010 during America’s rough economic times, our founders acquired the belief that people deserve to have an FAQ Experience: Friendly, Affordable, and Quality moving service.
HANDY DANDY COMES IN HANDY! Headquartered on America’s beautiful Gulf Coast, Handy Dandy Moving Service, Llc. is a nationally family owned & operated business; which provides us with the ability to offer more than reasonable rates everyday.


There is no job Handy Dandy Moving can’t do. We are open 24/7 and offer a variety of moving services such as International Moves, Same-Day Service, Packing & Unpacking, Loading & Unloading, Wrapping/Unwrapping, Corporate Relocation, Military Moves, House Cleaning Options, Prompt and Friendly service, and more!


OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To help lift the burdens and take the load off of our customers by providing them with not only a moving service, but a happy Handy Dandy Moving experience.


CONTACT US: Toll Free at 1-888-WE-MOVE-2, E-mail info@handydandymoving.com