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How To Save Money When Hiring Movers?


1.Reduce your load. Get rid of stuff you don’t need. Hold a garage sale, leave books with friends, the local library or sell them to a used bookstore. Anything you can’t sell, give to a local charity. Weight equals money. The less weight, the less money. It’s that simple.

2.Move during the off-season. Choosing the best time to move can save you money. Off-season is usually anything but June or July and any time either than the first and last of the month. If you have the flexibility, talk to your movers and see if they can give you a deal.

3.Book movers early. The sooner you book your mover, the less likely you are to be charged a higher rate. If you’re moving last minute and have to book movers within a couple of weeks of moving, chances are they may charge you more money simply for the inconvenience of slotting in your move. This isn’t always the case, but my golden rule is always book early if you can.

4.Be flexible on the time that the movers pick up your stuff and when they deliver it. If you’re willing to work within their time frame, ask them if they will give you a price break in exchange. To help you decide your moving time frame, it’s a good idea to determine your move in and move out date – essential information to know before you book your mover.

5.Moving companies offer varying services and will charge for each service. Ask about possible charges that could arise during your move and the fees attached to these services. Services may include accessorial charges, expedited service charge, flight charge, longhaul charges, long carry charges and shuttle service. They can usually all be avoided or at least calculated into the cost if you plan in advance. There should never be any, or very little, surprise in the total cost of your move.

6.Make sure that you can move into your new property immediately and that you have payment ready for when the truck arrives. Both could result in storage-in-transit fees if your things have to be stored until they can be unloaded and after the move is paid in full.

7.Ask about moving larger items or specialty items. Snowmobiles, boats and other recreational vehicles will cost extra to move. If you’re driving to your destination, look into the cost to rent a trailer and move the items yourself.

8.Moving pianos. Ask the mover how much they charge and if they are able to move a piano. After you have a quote, call around and find other options. Specialty movers may actually be less expensive than if your moving company hired additional staff. Most moving companies don’t keep specialty movers on the payroll.

9.Appliances sometimes require special packing and handling to ensure they arrive still working. Your moving company may charge extra for this service. Ask first. If they do charge, find out if a neighbor or friend could help you out. You can also ask your local home outfitters. They may offer suggestions and solutions to ensuring everything arrives safely.

10.Make sure you’re ready to move. Moving companies may charge extra if they have to help pack last minute items. Pack it yourself and have everything ready to go. If you have furniture that needs to be disassembled, ask the moving company when they provide the estimate if this service is included. Sometimes it is and other times it shows up on your bill as an extra fee.

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