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How to Prepare for Moving Day

How to Prepare for Moving Day 1

Save yourself and others some frustration on moving day.

The date is set. The movers have been hired. The friends have been called in to help. Think you are set? There are still quite a few steps left in preparing for your move.
First of all, and perhaps most importantly, it is essential to remember that your friends and/or movers are not there to pack your things on the day of the move. Before the big day you should be sure to organise everything that is goinginto clearly labelled boxes. Try to figure out where your things will go in your new home or apartment and visibly label the box with the room location for the movers. This way they can take the box to the correct room upon arrival and you won’t need to be moving things around too much when you come to unpack.
This is time-consuming and can be somewhat frustrating so start a couple of weeks before and do a little each day. Start with the things you use least, such as books, music, movies and as moving day gets closer you can work on packing up other items such as kitchen items and clothing. Remember not to overload the boxes. Keep the weight manageable. You don’t want to injure anyone and you don’t want any boxes breaking during the transition.
Be sure to use bubble wrap, plastic bag, and tissue paper for breakable or easily damaged items. It is easy for something to fall over, move or break whilst inside the truckif you put a box down too hard so it is better to be safe than sorry. On the same note, you should clearly label boxes containing breakable items as “Fragile”, and label them as such on all sides. Your movers don’t know the contents of each box so seeing fragile written on them will inform them that the box needs to be handled with care and could also affect where it is placedon the moving truck or van. Organise all of your fragile boxes into a single place so these can be put on to the truck last.
There are of course, some things that you want to avoid packing with the rest of your belongings such as important documents like birth certificates or passports ,family photos, laptops, cameras and finejewellery. Valuable or irreplaceable items should be packed separately and kept in a specific location so that on the day of the move they can be put into your personal vehicle before the movers arrive. Not to say that your movers are not trustworthy, but it is possible for things to get lost when moving; you want to ensure that it is not your most valuable items.
Besides packing, there are a few other things that need to be taken care of before the day of the move. Make sure you call all of your utility companies and inform them you are moving and also of the date, as you don’t want to be held accountable for someone else’s bills! If you have children, make sure their previous school and new school are made aware of the change, and have all school records transferred. Change your mailing address and contact information for dentists, doctors, government offices etc.
Moving doesn’t need to be stressful; it really depends on the time you want to spend on preparation. Make yourself a list, and give yourself plenty of time. Use these helpful tips and try to enjoy the process!

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How to Prepare for Moving Day 2


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