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How Much Do Movers Cost?

There isn’t a simple answer to this question because moving is a complex affair. How much do moving companies charge? How much do movers charge Different category moving companies charge according to their tariff. There are varieties of charges depending on the type of your move. There are three general types of moves – local, long distance and commercial move. You should start from here and then ask all other moving questions. Moving cost can be most precisely determined only if you have an moving estimator come into your house and look at everything. It is not as easy as asking How much do moving companies charge to move? The moving cost will depend on whether you are moving locally or long distance, which would be out of the state or out of the radius of the moving company ( which is around 100 miles).

How Much do Movers Charge For A Local Move?

Local moves usually cost less than long distance or commercial relocation. When moving locally the movers will charge an hourly rate, which would include travel time and packing labor. So here, you can ask how much movers charge per hour. That would not get a synonymous answer though. How much moving companies charge per hour depends on how many movers you will need, how many hours and it would depend on the area where you live. For two men and a truck, you would pay an hourly rate between $70 to over $120, again depending on the area and $45 to $65 for extra mover, again it varies from one company to another. More charges may apply though. There could be a charge for packing materials and long carry fee if your front door is a certain distance away from where the truck can park.

How much do movers charge to pack you may ask? Well, based on the moving company and on the things you need wrapped, for a 1 bedroom apartment costs could go over $100. This charge would include additional boxes, shrink-wrap, tape and bubble wrap. So, how much do movers charge per hour and to pack is relative and will reflect the standard of the area you live, the movers category and the number of movers and hours you need them to work. So, total moving cost is difficult to determine unless you get an in-house estimate that would guarantee a final cost.

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