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Complete Moving Guide to Sunnyvale, CA



Sunnyvale sits smack dab in the center of Silicon Valley, the southern part of San Francisco Bay that houses the biggest technology businesses in the world. Needless to say, it thrives in so many ways, making the municipality a lucrative place to live.

Aside from the booming business, the area aesthetics are stunning and the climate is comfortable. The California community has so much to offer and is waiting to welcome anyone who would like to call it home.

To find out more about settling in Sunnyvale, read this guide to get a feel for the housing, employment and entertainment opportunities. And remember you do not have to wish they all could be California girls if you live here, because they are!
Sunnyvale Climate
Sunnyvale climate is comfortable with summers that are not too hot and California winters that are obviously not cold. June, July and August average a high of 80 degrees and low of 55 degrees, and December, January and February average a high of 60 and low of 40 degrees. With only 15-inches of rain throughout the year, and absolutely no snow, locals do not have to seek much shelter from the storm. The fall and spring are great seasons, with temperatures averaging from a low of 44 to a high of 79 degrees while the leaves turn in October and the buds bloom in April.
Sunnyvale Neighborhoods
San Miguel, Birdland, Lakewood Village, Heritage District, Cherry Chase and Sunny Arts are but a few neighborhoods in the city with most of the residential subdivisions located in the southern sector of Sunnyvale. You can find some of the most expensive homes on Freemont Avenue, where luscious landscapes line the southern San Francisco Bay streets.

The Sunnyvale Community and Columbia Neighborhood Centers are where the community congregates for creative arts, theater productions and sporting activities. With many neighborhood associations in place, city officials and residents work together for the good to make the municipality safe and sound, which proves to be working out well for the town that has had a low crime rate for years. Implementing the Public Safety Department, where police, firefighters and EMT’s are all trained to do each particular job, has everything to do with it.

Downtown Sunnyvale has three popular parks, Las Palmas, Ortega and Washington, where locals can often be found having fun. Fifteen other parks are placed throughout the 21 square mile municipality, giving residents many places to play in the region. Of course the district is known for dining and shopping with scores of eateries and stores in the popular Sunnyvale Town Center. The region’s recent redevelopment downtown has attracted major businesses like Apple and Nokia into the area, making it a prime location for commerce.
Registering Your Car
You have 10 days to obtain a California driver’s license. To legally drive in the state, you must fill out an application, have your photo taken, provide a thumb print and take a vision, traffic laws and signs test. Along with providing your name, residence and Social Security number, you must pay a $39 fee to get your license.

Registering your vehicle and getting California license plates can also be done by filling out the necessary paperwork and proving your vehicle is insured. Vehicle registration fees begin at $46 dollars in California and an additional fee for license plates is required. You must register your vehicle within 20 days of entry or residency to avoid penalties, according to state laws. To find out all the rules and regulations regarding license and registration, visit the Californian Division of Motor Vehicles.
Sunnyvale Schools
The Sunnyvale School District is where young students train. The system has eight elementary and three middle schools. The Freemont Union High School District is where the youth move onto after grade eight, transitioning into their teenage years at any one of the area sites. With 5 high schools, Cupertino, Fremont, Homestead, Lynbrook and Monta Vista, thousands of young adults prepare for post-secondary school throughout the province.

There are many college campuses close to Sunnyvale, but none directly located in the area. San Jose State, Saint Mary’s, Santa Clara and Mills Colleges are all within 30 miles of town and California State University, East Bay is but 19 miles outside of the municipality.
Sunnyvale Employment
As the second largest employer in the area, with almost 5,000 workers, the famous Internet corporation Yahoo! is located right in town, making Sunnyvale notable as the home of the famed search engine site. Lockheed Martin Space Systems is the area’s apex employer, with more than 7,000 laborers on site at the American aerospace company.

The 6.1 percent unemployment rate, down 1.8 percent from the national average, proves the province has plenty of jobs to go around. Other top employers in town so many procure employment at are Juniper Networks, around 2,200 employees; Maxim Integrated Products, approximately 1,200 laborers; and Palm, more than 1,100 workers.

The Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce is the best place to contact if you are business owner looking to relocate your commerce in the community. Networking opportunities, event sponsorships and business expos are just a few of the ways the local organization can assist you in introducing yourself to local merchants and residents.
Living Costs in the City
The only dark side of settling in Sunnyvale is the cost of living, which is 21.5 percent greater than the California average and a whopping 59.3 percent greater than the national average. Couple those numbers with the median home price averaging around $575,000 and it is crystal clear you need to make a pretty penny to live in the province regardless of whether you own or rent in the region. An average one-bedroom apartment unit begins around $1,600 and can be as high as almost $3,000. The good news is that CNN Money reports that the median family income in the area is more than $100,000, making the noted figures not seem so bad.
Sunnyvale Moving Resources
Moving and storage companies are ready and willing to help you with your move to Sunnyvale, whether you’re moving from out of state or from another county in California. Make sure you get estimates from multiple moving services before you commit to hiring any (at least three estimates). Check back to our guides for tips on how to choose your moving service wisely with important questions to ask, differentiating between types of estimates, and mistakes to avoid. Visit the following pages at Movers.com to get quotes for the following services:
Moving Companies in Sunnyvale
International Moving Companies in Sunnyvale
Auto Transport in Sunnyvale
Sunnyvale Transportation
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority is the best way to get around town for those who choose public transportation. Light rail, bus and shuttle services transport locals for a fair price, with $6 daily, $70 monthly and $770 annual passes available aside from single-ride rates. Named a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists, Sunnyvale has many on and off-street bike lines available for locals to travel on. Whether they are biking to and from work or play, residents in the region stay fit by pedaling from place to place.

When it is time to travel further and a bike or bus cannot get you were you need to go because your destination is overseas, the San Jose International Airport is the spot to catch a flight. In the case that the local airport, 9 miles from downtown, cannot get you there, the San Francisco International Airport, 27 miles away, is sure to have a departure.
Culture & Contemporary Life
Less than an hour away from the ocean and filled with 18 parks total, the province is popular among so many who love to spend their free time outdoors. Between the beach and playing in the recreational areas, residents still make time to wonder in the famed redwood forests, spending hours walking underneath the huge trees that hover over them. When it is time to go inside, residents can be found in several performing halls like the California Theater Center or galleries like Rabiaz.

Grabbing some fine fare after an evening on the town, residents savor all the great restaurants in the region that offer ethnically diverse dishes like the Kabul and Dishdash eateries. After dining, dancing and drinks are enjoyed at several Sunnyvale clubs and bars, with Hanna’s Bistro and the Garage Bar @ SPSM as two of the most popular spots to kick back and unwind in.

Many annual events are always anticipated by locals, with thousands coming out to meet their neighbors at Jazz & Beyond, Sunnyvale Howl’oween Pet Parade & Faire and the Summer Series Music + Market. With so many things to do both outside and inside, locals and visitors alike stay amused day and night all year through.
Sunnyvale Relocation Tips
There are good reasons why not to hire the cheapest movers. As with anything else, you get what you pay for, so make sure you do not use an inexpensive company that will cost you big time in the end.
There are many things to do before moving day to assure you have an efficient easy relocation. Do not rush your move, rather plan well ahead of time for all that that has to be taken care of.
Now that you have hired the best company and taken care of all the business involved with moving, you are in your new house. Host a move-in party so you can get to know your neighbors and make some friends, who may very well be companions for a lifetime.
Helpful Links
City of Sunnyvale
Read about city services, local leaders and government departments on the local website.
Sunnyvale Police Department
It is always better to be safe than sorry. Call the local agency as soon as you arrive and ask about area crime and neighborhood safety programs in place.
Santa Clara County
Located in the Santa Clara County, Sunnyvale is part of a greater region that has so much to offer.
Sunnyvale Public Library
Apply for a library card while also inquiring about reading clubs to join. There is no better place to meet locals than at library branches.
Sunnyvale Volunteers
Lend a helping hand and shake a few new ones at any one of the areas non-profit organizations.


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