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How To Choose A Moving Company | Moving Company | Pensacola FL


Packing up your home and moving can be a very time consuming and stressful process. If moving on your own sounds downright awful, then it’s time to starting looking towards a professional moving company. Knowing which company to go with is crucial to making sure you have a happy, stress free move instead of a horrible one. Moving is a stressful enough experience so finding a professional who is honest with their pricing, properly accredited, and provides a quick response to your needs is important for a smooth, care free moving experience.

Do the Research

This is the first step in finding a professional moving company. Always shop around and get recommendations. Ask your friends, family, and neighbors. Consult local real estate agents. Check the Internet for local companies located near your home and always read reviews if provided.

Don’t Just Look for the Cheapest Price

Once you’ve narrowed down the search to a few companies, it’s time to get written estimate from each one. This should be a very thorough, itemized list of all the work to be performed. If a business isn’t willing to send an employee to do a free in-home estimate, don’t waste your time with them! Be careful about phone estimates as the price can often be underestimated and you may be charged for the “difference”. Make sure you and the movers know of every aspect of the move prior to any work being preformed, as to eliminate any room for misunderstandings.

When looking for a moving company, your first impulse is to go with the lowest quote. Resist that urge.

When calling a professional, you get what you pay for. If the moving company is giving you a lower price than their competitors, you can almost count on corners being cut. Meaning your belongings will pay the price in the end.

Always Ask for Credentials

Whether you’re moving out of state or just down the road, the moving company should have some type of moving license, period. Make sure the company you contact has been in business for at least several years. Ask for references, check reviews on the Internet such as Yelp, YellowPages, etc. Always ask to see their proof of insurance and proper licensing. Regulations on licenses vary from state to state, but any company that moves across state lines will have a specific Department of Transportation (DOT) number assigned to them.

Always Ask Questions About the Contract

Take a few minutes and read the moving contract carefully before you and the contractor sign it. It should have every aspect of the move itemized, so if you see something that looks suspicious, don’t hesitate to ask about it. Always remember to keep your copy of the contract safe just incase there are any disputes later on.


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