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5 Essential Tips To Guide You Through A Home Inspection Process

5 Essential Tips To Guide You Through A Home Inspection Process 

5 Essential Tips To Guide You Through A Home Inspection Process
By Mel – August 25, 20172499
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Your property inspector should be happy to answer your questions and tell you what to expect. Courtesy: Thinkstock.
by Corey Folsom, Chief Property Inspector at Corey Folsom & Associates

As a property inspector, my passion is helping buyers and sellers of residential and commercial properties make informed decisions. A good inspection will provide clear information and expose any physical issues with your property. Like an issue with the roof or foundation, and uncover any water leaks. You’ll also learn which items need maintenance over the short and long term.

I live in Venice, and I love this community. It’s gratifying to see how the information from a property inspection report makes a positive difference in this emotional and sometimes overwhelming process of buying or selling a home. When purchasing real estate, a full knowledge of what you are buying is indispensable. When selling a property a complete disclosure from the seller allows for a smooth transaction process. In either case, a good-quality home inspection is vital and often the most cost-effective peace of mind that you can find.

No building of any age is defect-free, including new construction. Issues can always be corrected, but we have to be aware of them first. For an accurate assessment of the working order of the components and systems, bringing in a good inspector is key to success. A clear and thorough inspection report can allow you to move forward with facts and confidence.

1. Choose an inspector you’re comfortable with.

How do you discover this? Your agent may have some trustworthy picks. Yelp is also a popular method. The inspector should be happy to answer your questions and tell you what to expect. This is a big purchase or sale! You need to find someone who you can work with easily. In addition, always view a sample report to see if it is easy to find and understand key information.

2. Attend the inspection.

Many people delegate this duty to their real estate agent. In my experience, it’s best if you show up along with your agent so that you can speak with the inspector directly and have him or her point out conditions and explain their context and relevance in real time.

3. Ask questions.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it’s important that you understand what the issues are with your home. A competent, caring inspector will spend time with you addressing all your questions and concerns.

4. Read the full written report, not just the summary.

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You may ask your real estate agent to go over the report with you as he or she is your trusted guide. The agent has the expertise when it comes to specific market conditions and what is typical and how issues can be handled.

5. Be clear about the cost of any major repairs.

Knowing the cost helps you create an accurate budget. Your agent may suggest trusted specialists for repairs as needed.

Venice neighbor Corey Folsom has run his home inspection business of 14 years. He inspects residential homes on the Westside and commercial buildings throughout California. Find out more at HomeInspectors.la and Commercialinspection.company. Email Corey at CoreyFolsom@gmail.com. Call 310.922.5851 or text 408.205.5915.



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