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How Much Do Movers Cost?

Two Men and a Moving Truck – Costs, Prices, Rates & Tips


Two men and a truck costsA relocation job can be quite costly no matter how small. This is why lots of people choose to have two men and one truck on their disposal and do the majority of the work involved themselves. This is one of the moving options you have: to hire a truck and two men for your relocation. Getting this help for your move is good but along with finding it you should also be aware of the two men and a moving truck rates involved and the tips that can actually make your relocation easier.

Two Men and one Truck – Prices & Tips

How much does 2 men and one truck cost? Every moving company provides different pricing for the possibility to hire from them two guys and a truck. What does it cost: on an average you can expect to be asked to pay between around $80 – $100/ hour. If you wish to hire three men with a truck the price can go up with $15 – $20 and this is cost for an hour. These rates differ not only due to the company, but also because of the time you choose to move. The cost will be higher on weekends, at the beginning/ end of the month and in summer. This is a time when the majority of people relocate and thus the price is higher. Travel time is also included in the two men and a moving truck cost – usually you will be charged an hour extra due for the time to go to your home. How many people should you need for your move? Ask the moving company: once you get a quote they will advise you depending on the amount of things you have for moving. Remember that the 2 men and one truck cost per hour is valid only for local moves. On large distances cross country you will pay a sum based on the volume, weight and amount of your items for relocation.

Local moves

The price for hiring two men and a moving truck is usually valid for local moves. Long distance moves will be charged by the amount, volume and weight of your things.

Two Men and one Truck Moving Tips

It is also advisable to read reviews. This means to go to the state for which you need a mover and see what feedback you will find on the companies there. You can do this by following this link. It is important to see online that the moving company you are interested in has happy customers because this is actually what tells a lot about how professional a mover actually is. And it is a factor that can get your moving costs down, too. Out of all two men and a moving truck tips the most important one is to choose a reputable and licensed company. From the rates you get from quotes you don’t have to take the lowest one: sometimes picking the cheapest company is not the best option – price is not the main factor which tells about the quality of work of a company but it also matters.

Full move

Hiring two men and one truck only means doing the rest of the grand job yourself but it doesn’t mean a cheaper move. Calculate the expenses in this case and in the case of a full move and decide.

But before you resort to this option – 2 guys and a truck as a final one consider the advantages and disadvantages of a self move and a full move.

It is advisable to acquaint yourself with the hidden moving costs and fees. One of these is the flight of stairs fee, for example. This means that every extra flight of stairs that the labor has to walk up and down is charged as additional payment unless you have reserved an elevator large enough for the needs of the move. In this way if you are on the second floor you will pay for one flight, if you are on the third floor you will pay for two flights, etc. because the extra charge begins on the first floor. On an overall, your moving expenses can go up a lot on a self move – even though you may be expecting to spend less on a move with which you have only asked for two men and one truck. When you add up the exhaustion of the whole work you have to do like shopping around for packing, doing the packing, labeling, unpacking, cleaning home and so on – and you may end up spending way too much time, effort and sometimes even money. This is why you may prefer to consider doing a full service moveDo the math yourself first and then decide which option is better for you. You can also request additional services from movers – not just hiring a truck and 2 men: packing materials, packing, unloading, crating and many more.

Also ask about the size of the truck and does it have a special compartment separated from the rest of the back of the truck – this is supposed to be an area designed for breakable items you wish to give extra protection to. Talk to the movers about the possible insurance you can have. Before the end of the relocation ask for the way to pay – should you pay the movers with cash or with a check. And if you are happy with the job done – you can tip the movers and come back to write a review and share your experience. Good luck moving!


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