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Golden Bay Relocation

  Handy Dandy Moving Service is one of the most trusted San Francisco moving companies. We take great pride in our excellent reputation of being among the best Bay Area movers. Whether you are moving to a new home or a new business, our professional... (more...)

Military Move

Are you moving? Whether it’s your first military move or your fifteenth, Handy Dandy Moving Service can help you get organized, make smart financial decisions, understand your allowances and manage stress. Use these resources, tools and articles... (more...)

Moving Companies

HOME MOVES HOUSE, APARTMENT, CONDO, DORM, LIVING FACILITY, STORAGE HANDY DANDY MOVING SERVICE is a full-service moving company catering to all of your moving needs. For your convenience, we customize our services to fit your moving needs. No matter how... (more...)

How To Save Money When Hiring Movers?

1.Reduce your load. Get rid of stuff you don’t need. Hold a garage sale, leave books with friends, the local library or sell them to a used bookstore. Anything you can’t sell, give to a local charity. Weight equals money. The less weight,... (more...)

Walnut Creek California Movers

No Worries… your moving company is Handy Dandy Moving Service. With Handy Dandy’s full service movers and packers, you’ll get professionals focused on every aspect of your move. Unlike many relocation moving companies that may hand you off to other... (more...)

How Much Do Movers Cost?

There isn’t a simple answer to this question because moving is a complex affair. How much do moving companies charge? How much do movers charge Different category moving companies charge according to their tariff. There are varieties of charges... (more...)

Packing for your domestic move

Of all of the intensive and stressful things that moving ho use entails, packing is the main one. You will likely have a removals company round to do the lifting and shifting on the day, and that element would be the main contender for the worst part... (more...)

How to Prepare for Moving Day

Save yourself and others some frustration on moving day. The date is set. The movers have been hired. The friends have been called in to help. Think you are set? There are still quite a few steps left in preparing for your move. First of all, and perhaps... (more...)

Choosing a removals company

Getting the right removals company will mean that you are much better placed to ensure that you get a great move going. The way in which you work with your company is very important, as it will be the difference between a stressful move and an easy one,... (more...)

6 Things Not To Forget When Moving

<ahref=”http://www.localsanfranciscomover.info/ “> Bay Area Movers 1. TRANSFER THE UTILITIES Make sure that you have the utilities turned off on your old home and transferred to the new one on the day of your move. If you are moving... (more...)

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